We can extend your business capabilities using software defined networks and virtualization. Our solid experience can help us design, build, support and manage the network initiatives your company needs

Network & Datacenter

Our solutions improve your security and transform your business with the safest mobility and innovation at a low cost.
Improve the quality of the work in your employees, reduce times, save and adjust the network to your business needs.

We can improve your uptime services having access to our world-class talented staff. Among our most required solutions are:

> Wired and wireless network design.

> Network implementation and management.

> Unified access, smart WAN.

> NOC - Network operation center.

Migesa can help you to optimize your company with the best infrastructure of unified networks and ample security. We can provide a flexible and automated service for your data center; Migesa have the best working model and high performance for your data center. We can support your initiatives to take control of the information in your own private cloud, and integrate it with hybrid environments.

We can improve your server performance with Cisco - United Computing System, a flexible and scalable architecture and reduce your total cost of ownership. The Cisco equipment provide the multifunctional evolution with the same integrated system, managing the key resources, memory and the communications of different LAN and SAN networks.


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Migesa has become a technological leader in IT

  • 40+ years of solid track record with international and local customers
  • 200+ Success stories from large & medium enterprises through 9+ Industries
  • Collective digital innovation strategy, through 8 collaborative divisions
  • Consistently awarded by Microsoft and Cisco during the last 20 years
  • The largest nearshore coverage with 20+ service centers
  • Long term engagement philosophy