Our goal is to align our service to support your operational gains and productivity efficiencies.

Managed Services

Migesa managed services provide with key expertise on multiple vendors. Our methodologies can support your day to day operations and create benefits based on well planned programs. Jointly we may define Service Level Agreements and transition plans for your firm’s operational consistency. Our team can proactively manage your infrastructure and systems.

One key benefit on hiring managed services is that our goal is to produce predictable results. We can you optimize and manage your traditional IT environment to quickly adopt new technologies and transition to the cloud. Providing specific Managed Services for Cloud Applications and services for DevOps, Infrastructure and Operations management.

Benefits we have observed: improve and maintain the performance of collaboration tools, automate key solution management processes to reduce risk on IT. Reduce resolution time and increase availability. We can help you reduce training cost, we can help ensure your collaboration.


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Why Choose Our Company ?

Migesa has become a technological leader in IT

  • 40+ years of solid track record with international and local customers
  • 200+ Success stories from large & medium enterprises through 9+ Industries
  • Collective digital innovation strategy, through 8 collaborative divisions
  • Consistently awarded by Microsoft and Cisco during the last 20 years
  • The largest nearshore coverage with 20+ service centers
  • Long term engagement philosophy