Today, the IT department is a strategic partner, and is on the front line of key collaboration or productivity initiatives at your firm.

Collaboration & Productivity

> Having access to our digital Collaboration best practices your company can Increase the productivity through the use of Microsoft License, Office 365 and the Consulting Service collaboration.

> Acquire access to the most powerful tools that work in conjunction with the needs of your organization. Work with all the Office 365 applications, collaborative web platforms with Sharepoint, Mail service and shared calendar with Exchange online and videoconference and calls on Skype.

> Raise the competitive advantage of your company, through new forms of interaction with the engagement of your teams communicating through different digital channels.

> Migesa can help you obtain the benefits of a highly productive environment. Creating better relationship and building empowerment into key roles, transforming workflows and business process within your company. Increase the productivity in your company through the use of Microsoft Office 365 and the Consulting Service collaboration.


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Migesa has become a technological leader in IT

  • 40+ years of solid track record with international and local customers
  • 200+ Success stories from large & medium enterprises through 9+ Industries
  • Collective digital innovation strategy, through 8 collaborative divisions
  • Consistently awarded by Microsoft and Cisco during the last 20 years
  • The largest nearshore coverage with 20+ service centers
  • Long term engagement philosophy